New project: QSP

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Andy Scott, Suzi Quatro and Don Powell are working in a new "QSP" project and the first song "If Only" is out now. The song is written by Suzi Quatro and Dick Wagner who had written songs for Alice Cooper - for example "Only women bleed"!



Sweet recreate their glorious past

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In the span of one year, the guitarist-led Sweet collective served up a covers set, "New York Connection", and follow it with a concert reconstruction of the original ensemble’s seminal album. Released under two titles and with two different artworks, this album reflects the dichotomy of “Boulevard”, which was all new in Europe but comprised only a part of fresh songs in the USA, the rest of it fleshed out with cuts from “Sweet Fanny Adams”, and it’s the American record that’s being reproduced here – with some tweaks and a few quibbles. Its provenance notwithstanding, the LP signaled SWEET’s shift from heavy pop band to serious rock group, and when their current Blighty incarnation storm into “Sweet F.A.”, with powerful abandon and axes blazing, it’s impossible not to recall what the “Fanny Adams” euphemism stands for, although the real emotional surge comes once bassist Pete Lincoln ups the tone for the buleria of “The Six Teens” and chases away the ghost of Brian Connolly. More so, vocal harmonies swirls as infectiously as ever in “Ballroom Blitz” and “Fox On The Run”, yet for all the classic status of the material it’s obvious the superiority of hits over the album songs, no matter how hard heroic the quartet deliver these, keyboardist Tony O’Hora picking up a second guitar for the likes of “Into The Night” where Scott roars mightily. So the rediscovery sensation is rare here, although in “Set Me Free” and “Restless” the reckless soloing does the trick. For some artists, getting back to their erstwhile glories doesn’t work; for SWEET it does – highlighting the past rather than tarnishing it. Those bases covered, a new album would be more than welcome.

Re-release of Andy Scott's solo album

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Re-release of Andy Scott's solo album

Andy's Solo CD is to be re-released with new tracks added. 
Release date: 5th of August 2013. 
Label: Angel Air.

It all began with a song Andy had written called ‘Lady Starlight’, which was composed for inclusion on Sweet’s celebrated ‘Desolation Boulevard’ album. Producer Mike Chapman loved Andy’s vocal, but given that Brian Connolly was (at the time) the voice of Sweet, a decision was made to release it separately as an Andy Scott solo single. Andy was suspicious of this suggestion at the time, believing that there may be a hidden agenda or ulterior motive, but this proved to be unfounded…it was simply a great song that benefited from Andy’s melodic vocal style. It was a radio-play hit in the UK and successfully charted in Germany, Australia and South Africa, making Andy the only member of the original Sweet line-up to enjoy solo success.

The song was backed by another Andy Scott composition, ‘Where D'ya Go’. Andy takes up the story: “‘Where D'ya Go’, the b-side, was recorded at Kingsway Studios. Acoustic guitar, voice, no click, in other words, free-time. Louis Austin, Sonic Architect [engineer], suggested handclaps enhanced by the ‘lift shaft echo’ which became the tempo. When I played the song to Mick [Tucker], he urged me to let him put some drums on it and this brilliantly helped to disguise the free-time element. Getting the drums to tape took immense concentration from Mick and after a few takes, job done, He was sat behind the kit listening to playback with a towel covering his head, rather like a boxer in his corner. During all of this, Louis and I were in the control room, chatting and doodling on the guitar when suddenly as the track finished Mick yelled ‘bloody shut up!’ Apparently, instead of hearing his performance he had mainly heard our conversation and doodling but was too tired to say anything until the playback was over. We kept it in the final mix! I added a bass and an electric guitar and there you go.”

Following the split of the original Sweet line-up, Andy seized the opportunity to pick up where his solo career had left off. ‘Gotta See Jane’ was originally released on the Statik label. Although it was an Andy Scott single, it was released under the name ‘Ladders’ (a pun based upon a John Lennon throw-away remark that after the Beatles, he would form a band of that name). The song was originally a top twenty hit for Canadian musician (and co-songwriter) R. Dean Taylor. The track was recorded by Andy as a test run for the brand new Fleetwood Mobile recording studio. ‘Krugerrands’ was co-written by Andy and talented songwriter, Chris Bradford (formerly of the band Bardot) who successfully collaborated on a number of compositions featured here. The song saw the light of day on two separate occasions. First, a demo version appeared as the b-side to ‘Gotta See Jane’. It was later given a substantial make-over, this time released under Andy’s name. The lyrics to the song were clever, sarcastic and biting, striking a chord with the South African and Australian markets, where the single charted, giving Andy his second solo chart hit. Again, it was a radio-play hit in the UK but failed to make the top 40. ‘Face’ was the b-side to ‘Krugerrands’ and was also the second track off the ‘Krugerrands’ 12” single. ‘Krugermental’, an instrumental remix, appeared as the final track on the 12” version of the single. This caught the ear of singer Lene Lovich, who (with Andy’s blessing) took the track in its entirety and recorded a new lyric to it. Lene released the song under the title ‘Wonderland’.

‘Let Her Dance’ was Andy’s next single: “As with ‘Krugerrands’, I was trying to move away from the Sweet sound, combining dance music with rock music, much in the same way Quincy Jones had done with Michael Jackson. The programming on the track is primitive by modern standards.” The song was backed by ’Suck It And See’.

‘Invisible’ was the follow-up single, which again embraced the methods and technology of ‘Let Her Dance’. Curiously, it was released on the same day as the Alison Moyet single of the same name. This was backed by ‘Never Too Young’, the one and only song to feature Andy rapping, and in his own words: “…it’ll be the last!” ‘Ulysses’ was inspired by the famous mythological figure and the James Joyce novel of the same name. It was planned as a single release but never saw the light of day; nor did ‘Safety Net’, another potential single. The latter was an extremely catchy ‘loop recording’.

One song included here had a bumpy ride before making it on to this collection, as Andy explains: “I wrote ‘Be With You Soon’ in the early days of Sweet and it was ear-marked for inclusion on a compilation LP called ‘Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be’. Well, when it came for inclusion, the song never made the cut. However, the master tape vanished and the song was lost. Then one day, many years later, we received a call saying that it had turned up. A man had bought a box of goodies at a record fair and hidden amongst the odds and ends was my master tape. I met him in a pub and he willingly handed it back. However, much to my chagrin, someone at the time had simply marked the box with the word ‘duff’, which explained it omission.”

There are two versions of ‘Galaxy’ which was written by Andy as the theme to a Mike Mansfield television show which was fronted by Kenny Everett. Two pilots were made but it never got any further. So there you have it…

James McCarraher
With sincere thanks to Andy Scott and, Spring 2013.

Re-release of the Marquee album

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Re-release of the Marquee album

Live at the Marquee 1986. 
Release date: 5th of August 2013. 
Label: Angel Air.

'Live At the Marquee' was originally released in 1989 even though the concert had been recorded in 1986 prior to the Clubs closure in 1988. 

Two additional live tracks from that performance have been added as bonus tracks which are available for the very first time.

MICK TUCKER on drums, PAUL MARIO DAY (ex IRON MAIDEN) on vocals, PHIL LANZON (URIAH HEEP) on keyboards and MAL McNULTY (SLADE) on bass and Andy of course on lead guitar. It was one hell of a line up and a band with a much harder edge which is where Andy had always been keen to take SWEET.

Sweet and Suzi Quatro live in London

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This is a one time opportunity to see Sweet and Suzi Quatro playing live together in relatively intimate surroundings. For £20.00 guests will see these iconic 70's artistes perform their hits. In addition, there will be a DJ, a light buffet served and a chance to win British Airways flight tickets, amongst other fabulous prizes in the raffle. Famous British Actor and Personality Shane Richie will be the compere for the evening. Also, two of the British Airways Premium Team Managers - Tony Murphy (winner of BA's Got Talent) and Angela McGrath (niece of Mick Tucker) will be singing a few 70's hits in support of our celebrity artistes.

Rock Against Cancer 30.05.2015

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Concert At The Kings

Guitarist, Andy Scott, one of the founders of Rock against Cancer, is delighted to be returning with the band after their emotional performance at the first Rock against Cancer event back in 2012.

Here’s what Andy Scott said after the 2012 performance: “To say I was a little apprehensive taking the stage at this event with Sweet would be an understatement. It was as if I was in my back garden and could almost see where I live from the stage. Add to this the faces in the audience, all the locals were finally going to get to see what I do for a living! Scary! I needn’t have worried and after “Hellraiser” when I said in true Spinal Tap mode “Hello All Cannings” the whole place erupted. The hard-core Sweet fans in the crowd were magnificent and this day will stay in my memory forever especially the finale – standing on stage playing alongside Brian May – life don’t get much better than that.”

Pictures from the Hamburg gig

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What a start to the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Tour 2014 with a sell-out show in Hamburg last night and the audience reaction was even better than last year. We were blown away and thank everyone for making it a very special evening which will stick in my memory for a very long time. Here we are 44 years on and still taking the roof off places like the Markthalle. The VIP session in the afternoon was a raging success and that will continue throughout the tour. Only 23 to go and we look forward to seeing you at one of the shows. 


The Satisfaction Guaranteed Tour has ended

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The "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Australian Tour has been quite different from previous visits. We have performed mainly in theatres, similar to the Sweet/Slade tours in the UK, with a few Entertainment Centres thrown in for good measure and quite frankly I don't miss the usual sweaty rock clubs from the "Bar-room Blitz" days. I know this is going to sound like a bit of a cliche, especially coming from a man of my age but it's almost as if we've grown up. The shows have been amazing, the audience reaction fantastic as usual and though it has been mind-bendingly hectic we have loved every minute. I would just like to say that the crew, Damian, Adam and Sean have stood on the shoulders of giants and have made our life so much easier than it could have been. Special thanks to Tour Manager, Jason for making every situation stress free, all dealt with aplomb. So there you have it - I'm sitting in the Emirates lounge at Sydney International watching the rain, yes it does rain here and wondering why we couldn't have had some of it during the Ashes Tests recently. I love this country and discover new things with every visit. We will return. Andy.

Sweet reunited with 80s frontman

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At Newcastle last night, Paul Mario Day [ex-lead vocalist with Sweet in the 80s] was re-united with the band. He got on stage to perform a rip-roaring version of "Set Me Free" in front of his home crowd.

Andy, Paul and Bruce backstage at the Civic Hall Newcastle, NSW, 22.03.2014.

Photo by Cecily Waters-Day


Video by Sue Hawkins

Official Sweet Youtube Channel Goes Live

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The official YouTube channel featuring classic material from the original line-up of Sweet is now online. This collection is officially endorsed by Andy Scott and features the ultimate archive of re-mastered and restored versions of the Sweet's promo clips as well as classic TV performances from around the world. Every month Andy Scott will present his "Song Of The Month" featuring brand-new and exclusive interview footage in which Andy recounts his personal memories of the recording and the story behind each song as well as playing some of his memorable guitar licks live. The channel will be regularly updated with new content - so stay tuned.

The Official Sweet Youtube Channel

Australia Tour 2014

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Sweet are absolutely delighted to announce their forthcoming tour of Australia, beginning in late February through March 2014.

Sweet are really looking forward to returning to Oz for what will be their first 'country-wide' tour since 2004. With 20 shows, taking in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Cairns and many more, Sweet hope to see you there!

Tickets are available from October 28 - see tour page for details.

Cruise with The Sweet

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Sweet are going to 'Rock The Boat' !

The very best of Australian and International artists are coming together onboard Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Seas for 9 glorious nights of pure Rock & Roll. Iconic Australian music personality Molly Meldrum presents music from the Countdown era; join us onboard for the most iconic music festival at sea and let's Rock the Boat!

Entertainment includes: The Sweet (from UK), Daryl Braithwaite, The Angels, Mental As Anything, Richard Clapton, Jon English, Angry Anderson, Russell Morris, Brian Cadd plus many more

Departure: 12 October 2014

Sweet Members Guest On Joe Matera Album

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Australia’s guitarist Joe Matera will debut his new album ‘Terra Firma’ with some help from The Sweet’s Pete Lincoln and Smokie’s Martin Bullard.

‘Terra Firma’ is the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Creature of Habit’.

The Sweet’s bass player Pete Lincoln features on the single ‘Shining Star’ and Smokie’s keyboard player Martin Bullard adds his stamp to an acoustic version of the song.

Matera spent part of 2012 in Europe touring his songs and has confirmed another European tour for May 2014 for Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK.

‘Terra Firma’ will be released in Europe via W.A.R. Productions in November.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 2014 Tour

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Sweet are absolutely delighted to announce dates for their Satisfaction Guaranteed Club Tour for Spring 2014.

Following on from the success of the fantastically well-received NYC Tour in 2013 Sweet are taking in even more great rock venues in more territories with a hard-hitting new show.

There are a limited number of special VIP packages available which include access to soundcheck, meet & greet the band, photo opportunities plus a fabulous merchandise pack - a must for Sweet fans everywhere and definitely not to be missed!

* New set featuring all your old favourites plus some new surprises
* Superb range of brand new Sweet merchandise
* Limited VIP tickets available including an exclusive goodies pack plus meet the band
* More dates to be announced soon with more territories covered


Charity Event on September 13th

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The Sweet will be appearing at a very special charity event in September along with Weapon (UK) and Paddy Goes To Holyhead.

"In November 2011 our dear friend of thirty years, Ingrid Paasch, had an aneurysm on the right side of her brain. She is now paralysed down the left side of her body. Due to her paralysis, Ingrid is confined to a wheelchair and currently resides in a care home in Reading, ironically near the festival site she has graced on many occasions over the years!

"Since the stroke, Ingrid has worked hard on her rehabilitation and has regained her speech. However, to try getting the left side of her body working she needs specialist treatment - particularly on her arm and leg. The specialist physiotherapy she needs is not available on the NHS. So Ingrid has personally paid for this treatment from her savings, but the treatment has stopped due to diminishing funds.

"This is where we, her music biz friends, come in. A bunch of us have set up 'In It For Ingrid', a fund raising event, on Friday 13th September at The Rock Patch, Merton Manor Club, South Wimbledon with ALL proceeds going to help towards funding her treatment.

VIP passes £25 from

"The line-up on the night is The Sweet, Paddy Goes To Holyhead and special guests to be confirmed. Opening the show is NWOBHM band Weapon (UK).

"Several artists/bands have pledged merchandise/memorabilia, including former Rainbow/Ozzy and Uriah Heep bassist Bob Daisley, who is donating a signed copy of his new book 'For Facts Sake'.

"On behalf of all of us involved I urge you to support us in helping Ingrid get her life back.

"Thank you,

"Danny Hynes"



The Sweet epitomised the UK 70s Glam Rock movement with their trademark glitter and glam make-up. The Sweet were also a force to be reckoned with in pure rock music terms too. The Hits stand the test of time and the current line-up with original guitarist Andy Scott still keep the audiences shouting for more!

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